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Q: What happened to my username? How do I log in to my account?

 A: It's hard enough to remember both a username and password, don't ya think? So we're making it easy on you. To log in, simply enter your email address and password. No username required! Cool, huh?

Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?

A: If you've forgotten your password, click to the Membership area. You'll be able to enter your E-mail address and receive a password reminder. If you've forgotten your username or still cannot remember your password, click here and enter your registered E-mail address into the "Forget Username Or Password?" form field. We will send you an E-mail with your username and password.

Q: Does have a printed catalog?

A: Sorry, we do not have a catalog. Our merchandise changes too rapidly for a printed catalog to stay current. Since we add new items daily, visit frequently!

Q: I'm looking for a specific item, but I don't see it online. Can I still get it?

A: The bad news is that if an item isn't pictured online, it is not available at this time. The good news is we may be able to find out if it's coming in. Just click here and choose "Product Questions" from the menu. Include the item name, description and SKU number, if you have it. We'll find out if and when it's coming back in!

Q: What if I am looking for a certain item that is not offered on

A: Please, let us know! We always want to hear about any items you would like to see Hot Topic carry. Just click here and choose "Product Questions" from the menu.

Q: How old do I have to be to work at Hot Topic?

A: Thinking about joining our team? The minimum age requirement to work for Hot Topic is 16 years old.

Q: How do I find a local Hot Topic store?

A: To find a Hot Topic store location in your area, please check out the Store Locator. You can search by state or zip code, and you can even get a map to navigate you there!

Q: How do I find out about job opportunities with Hot Topic?

A: To find out what positions are available, please visit the Hot Topic Jobs page. You'll be able to search for jobs at Hot Topic and Torrid. You'll be able to print out an application, too.

Q: Does the web site sell the same merchandise that the stores do?

A: Due to space constraints, not every item online is available for purchase in our stores. The good news is that frequently offers "Internet Only" items. These are items you can only find on, not in our stores. Watch for the "Internet Only" icon as you shop!

Q: Will I be charged shipping if I only purchase a gift card?

A: The web site will show a shipping charge for all orders. However, if the order contains gift cards only, the shipping fee will be removed once the order ships. All gift card orders are shipped via FedEx Ground / Home Delivery.

Q: Are the web site prices listed in US dollars?

A: Yes, all online prices are listed in US dollars. The web site does not convert the currency to the country it is being shipped to.

Q: Does Hot Topic franchise?

A: No, Hot Topic does not franchise. All of our stores are company owned and operated. We are a publicly traded company, on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, under the symbol HOTT.

Q: How do you determine your prices?

A: Our buying team works very hard to bring you the most unique, music-influenced product. Many of the items are hard to find and even harder to make. Small companies and entrepreneurs make most of these items and have to charge us more because their product is not mass-produced. Quality of fabric, craftsmanship, and detail are just some of the factors taken into consideration when determining the price of an item.

Q: How do I correct the birth date in my account?

A: No problem! Click here and select "Technical Internet Questions." Please include your correct birth date and the E-mail address that was used to register. You will get a confirmation E-mail, confirming the change to your account.

Q: An item is on sale on but regular priced on Why?

A: Since our buyers meet with vendors and negotiate separate deals for both Hot Topic and Torrid, prices may differ between the two. Often times, the product looks the same but may have gone through a different manufacturing process.

Q: How do I find girl's plus sizes on and how do their sizes run?

A: No problem! Click over to Girl's Plus Sizes and check out true plus size tops and bottoms, sizes 2X - 4X and 12 - 26, from Tripp, Junk Food, Lip Service, Blest and more!

With the exception of 2X screened tees, these plus sizes are exclusive to You won't find them in Hot Topic stores.

To identify a true plus size item, look for "Plus Size" in the product title. If the title reads "2X," it is simply one size up from an XL.

To make shopping as easy as possible, we've included our Plus Size Chart below. Use it to find just the right size for you!

Women's Plus Size Chart For Sizes 2X - 4X


If Chest Is: If Waist Is: If Hips Are: You Wear:
45" - 48" 39" - 41" 48" - 51" 2X (18/20)
48" - 51" 41" - 44" 51" - 54" 3X (22/24)
51" - 54" 44" - 47" 54" - 57" 4X (26/28)



Women's Plus Size Chart For Sizes 12 - 26


If Chest Is: If Waist Is: If Hips Are: You Wear:
40½" - 42" 33½" - 35" 43½ - 45" 12
42" - 43½" 35" - 36½" 45 - 46½" 14
43½" - 45" 36½" - 38" 46½" - 48" 16
45" - 46½" 38" - 39½" 48 - 49½" 18
46½" - 48" 39½" - 41" 49½" - 51" 20
48" - 49½" 41" - 42½" 51" - 52½" 22
49½" - 51" 42½" - 44" 52½" - 54" 24
51" - 53" 44" - 46" 54" - 56" 26


Q: Why are plus sizes more expensive?

A: Manufacturing these styles is a bit more expensive, so you'll notice a slightly higher price when compared to regular sized items. Fear not! The quality and selection will make up for it!

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