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Bags & Purses Featuring Disney Characters

Mini backpacks, satchels, crossbody bags, fanny packs — no matter what type of bag is your favorite style, if you're not rockin' a Disney themed bag, you're doing it all wrong. Luckily, Hot Topic is comin' in clutch (don't mind our bag and wallet puns) with an entire collection dedicated to Disney Bags.

Our online shop is full of the Disney delights you love all over the bags you need in your life. From Disney Cinderella Book Crossbody Bags to Disney Mulan Mushu Bi-Fold Wallets to Disney Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket Mini Backpacks, we've got all the Disney faves you love on every end of the bag spectrum!

So, start browsing. Whether you're looking for an everyday bag you'll never have to put down with a subtle nod to your fave Disney movie or you simply can't stand to live another day without a bag that screams your love for Disney loud and proud, Hot Topic's Disney Bag Collection has bag you've been dreaming of!

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