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You know that lunchtime isn’t just about leftovers, sandwiches, and snacks —it’s also a little bit about who has the coolest, most stylish lunchbox. Think about it—with your current lunchbox, are you ready to win that competition?

With Hot Topic’s lunchbox line, you can pretty much guarantee a victory more delicious than anything you pack inside of it.

Hot Topic’s sweet line of lunch gear will have you munching on meals from your favorite shows, video games, movies, and more. Whether you want to rally around your lunchtime pals with an awesome Central Perk lunch sack (it’s insulated, so you can keep your food cold!), snack on some sweets from a Harry Potter Honeydukes Insulated Lunch Sack or get silly under the sea with the unique Spongebob SquarePants Krabby Patty Insulated Lunch Sack (no, Krabbby Patties aren’t included, unfortunately), Hot Topic’s lunchbox line has a little something tasty for everybody out there.

Tag along to lunch with something subtle, like our My Hero Academia Class 1-A Bento Box (with chopsticks, spoon, and secure elastic red strap included!) ,or, go full-fan and rock your Dragon Ball Z Four-Start Dragon Ball Bento Box (that’s right, it’s shaped like an actual Dragon Ball). No matter what you’re after, Hot Topic’s lunchbox line has something for every fan out there—never again will you have to worry about lunchbox lackluster!

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