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Prop Anime & Movie Replicas

The true fans are out here buyin’ up the merch, apparel, accessories, gifts, and more that rep the fandoms, licenses, franchises, and pop-culture goodness they love. But you know what else they’re doing? Taking their fanaticism to the next level with just-like-the-real-thing replicas from all their fave movies, anime, shows, books, and much more.

Where are they getting these cool replicas? We’re collectively raising our hands over here. Welcome to the Hot Topic Prop Replica Collection—a cutting-edge selection of all the best prop replicas out there that don’t just look like the real dang thing, but make you feel like you have the real dang thing, too.

No matter what type of fandom—or prop—you’re totally obsessed with, the Hot Topic Prop Replica Collection has you covered. Love niche cult classics like Doctor Who? We got you! We highly recommend you take a peek at our Doctor Who the Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver for some real lookin’ Doctor Who goodness.

More into widely popular fandoms like Dragon Ball Z. Hey, us too! If Dragon Ball Z is your game, you best believe we’ve got options. Check out fan faves like our Dragon Ball Z Radar Keychain and Dragon Ball Set or our Dragon Ball 75mm 4 Star Dragon Ball with Base.

After the real thing? Well, we can’t help you there—but if you’re cool with something that’s so spot on with the real thing you’ll be able to confuse even the most hardcore fans, then we absolutely can help you out.

So, what are you waiting for? Kick this prop replica shopping spree into overdrive!