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Billie Eilish Clothes, Patches & Merch

All the good girls go to hell—and so do Billie Eilish fans who don't shop at Hot Topic. No, no, no—we're totally kidding. If you're a Billie Eilish fan—whether you're that bad type or that make-your-mama-sad type—you should do what you want when you're wanting to—and that means repping your love for Billie Eilish in your apparel, your décor, your accessories, and more.

Hot Topic's Billie Eilish collection is all about showing your dedication to the queen, and good news, we've got everything you could possibly want. Billie Eilish Bloohsh Neon Beanie? Yep. Billie Eilish Logo Crew Socks? We've got multiple options to choose from. Billie Eilish bandannas, Billie Eilish muscle tops, Billie Eilish name patches, Billie Eilish hoodies, Billie Eilish enamel pins, and more? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and hell yes. No matter how you want to rock your love for your beloved Billie (and no matter what your favorite Billie Eilish lyrics might be), know that there's something in the Hot Topic Billie Eilish collection for every fan out there.

Open up your ocean eyes, Billie Eilish fans—not repping your love for this iconic pop star makes you the bad guy, duh.

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