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Funko Pop Game of Thrones Figures

Ready for a challenge that’s worthy of winning the Iron Throne itself? Try not to lose your head (Eddard Stark style) over these Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl Figurines.

Seeing some space in your Funko Pop collection? Seems like it’s about time to add some fierceness and fire to it (no, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy the Melisandre Vinyl Figure—though, you know the Red Woman could definitely brighten up that collection of yours) with some unique Game of Thrones merchandise.

If you’re looking to take your Pop Vinyl collection to new heights, know that nothing makes your collection soar more than a Funko Pop Dragon.

Want to lend a hand to boost a fellow Game of Thrones fan’s collection? Sounds like you could use a Jamie Lannister Vinyl Figurine. Looking for that daily reminder to stick them with the pointy end? Nothing says Game of Thrones fan like an Arya Stark Funko Pop Doll. Have you banded together with the warden of the north to fight white walkers (there’s a Jon Snow Funko Pop Doll for that)? Or, are you dead-set to hold fast for the Mother of Dragons winning the iron throne (a Daenerys Targaryen Funko Pop Figurine would make a dazzling addition to your Funko Pop collection).

No matter who you’re rooting for to win or die in the Game of Thrones (you know Cersei says there’s no other option), there’s a Funko Pop vinyl figurine for it. Add a new favorite Game of Throne merchandise Funko Pop Doll to your collection.

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