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Animal Crossing Clothes, Merch, & Shirts

Smitten with this adorable animal village game from Nintendo? Yeah, you and the rest of the world. But we’re not mad about the trend (because we’re low-key obsessed with Animal Crossing, too, duh).

You’ve found your way to the ultimate selection of the only thing cuter than the actual Animal Crossing game—Hot Topic’s Animal Crossing Collection. We’re an online shop that’s full of the must-have Animal Crossing merchandise, apparel, accessories, collectibles, and more that every hardcore Animal Crossing fan needs in their life.

From home décor to tanks and tees to collectibles, gifts, and more, there’s an Animal Crossing gotta-have-it just waiting for you in this collection.

Do you know what your morning cup of coffee should be poured into? An Animal Crossing: New Horizons Group Mug. How about those chilly toes of yours? Don’t you think you’d be happier sliding some Animal Crossing T&T Mart Crew Socks onto your feet? (We think so). And don’t even get us started on your closet—you better believe that your wardrobe would benefit from a cutesy long sleeve T like our Animal Crossing: new Horizons Dancing Characters Girls Long Sleeve T-Shirt (we’re literally aww-ing as we’re talking).

Look, from fun and adorable plush toys that you’ll love to collect (like our Animal Crossing K.K. Slider Plush) to accessories that showoff just how into Animal Crossing you are (a-la our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Characters Dad Cap), Hot Topic’s collection is all about bringing the Animal Crossing fun to real life!

Love Phyllis and Pell at the post office? We’ve got merch for that! Can’t get enough of that pesky bug-o-phobic owl Blathers? Neither can we—that’s why we’ve got plenty of Blathers must-haves. Secretly obsessed with Redd (even if he is a lil shady)? Same here.

Our collection is full of the curated Animal Crossing must-have merch you need in your life!

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