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Beetlejuice Hoodies, Jackets, Figures, Backpacks, Shirts, Decor & Other Merch

It's showtime. That's right, go ahead and make our millennium by shopping our epic, creepy, can't-get-enough-of-it Beetlejuice Collection. Consider this your gateway to the best of Burton's famous flick (that you've probably watched 167 times and it just keeps getting better). No matter how freaky your family might think your Beetlejuice obsession is, we're here for you — we're just as obsessed, too.

Beetlejuice keychains? We've got ‘em. Beetlejuice apparel? From dresses to leggings to skirts to lace-up tops, and beyond, we've got you covered well into the afterlife. What's that — do we have Beetlejuice kitchen apparel? You better believe it. From our Beetlejuice Spatulas to our Beetlejuice Apron and more, our Beetlejuice home décor, kitchen utensils, and lawn accessories are on lock.

So, no matter how much you love your fave creepy ghoul in the black and white striped suit, know that you're covered on all fronts when it comes to ghostly accessories, spooky apparel, and downright devilish merchandise to rep your favorite movie of all time!

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