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  • Coraline Gifts, Hoodies, Plush, Merchandise, T-Shirts, and more Stuff

    Are you one of those creepy-crawly Tim-Burton-cinema lovers that thinks the entire spread of Coraline characters is as cute as a button—yeah, you guessed it we're referring to the buttons on the others' eyes, you Coraline-weirdo.

    If so, then Coraline fan, you're in the right place. Welcome to Hot Topic's Coraline collection, a one-stop shop for all your must-have Coraline merchandise needs, and a place where—in the words of the ever-wise Other Mother "you could stay here forever, if you want to.”

    Hey, that's what we designed this collection for in the first place. So, sew up those mouths and button those eyes because this Hot Topic Coraline collection is considered your must-visit, one-stop-shop of little animated horrors. Consider us your Coraline cornucopia, serving up accessories, apparel, merchandise, collectibles, home décor, and so much more—all with the intent to Coraline-ify your car, your closet, your home, and your life!

    Love a good, classic Coraline T-shirt? We've got tons of them (like pages and pages) to sift through that feature your fave characters from the film. Want to take that Coraline love of yours to the next level? Check out our Loungefly Coraline Cosplay Mini Backpack, our Coraline Dragonfly Hair Clip, or our Coraline Other World Key Chain.

    Whether you're all about treating yourself and are looking for some Coraline merchandise, apparel, or accessories just for you or you've got a Coraline gift in mind for the Tim Burton lover in your life, look no further than Hot Topic's Coraline merchandise collection!