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Hot Topic's Eden Shop: Merchandise, Hoodies, Apparel & T-Shirts

Meet the Hot Topic Eden Collection, a selection of Eden anime must-haves dedicated to your all-time fave AI robots (and of course, one adorably little human baby, too).

Whether you love Eden for the storyline, the characters, or a little bit of both, this collection has the perfect mix of stellar merchandise, apparel, accessories, collectibles, home décor, and so much more that’s bound to make your Eden obsession more intense than ever!.

From cozy sweatshirts and staple T-shirts you’ll never want to take off to tanks and hoodies you’ll never let go of, this Eden selection is all about spreading the love for the anime you can’t get enough of.

Want a shirt that gives a subtle nod to your all-time fave anime? Check out some fun options like our Eden Trio Girl T-shirt, our Eden Do Not Fear Humans T-shirt, or even our Why Am I a Human T-shirt. Need a little somethin’ that keeps your love for Eden alive while you try to stay cool? Our Eden Charge Well Apple Logo Girls Tank, our Eden Do Not Fear Humans Girls Tank, and our Eden Three Garden Logo Girls Talk are all Eden-worthy contenders.

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