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Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein Clothing & T-Shirts

Put your mad science experiments away for a second and focus on something important—Hot Topic's here to make all your twisted, morally dubious, and creepy creature loving dreams come true. Meet Hot Topic's Frankenstein collection—a marvelous, monster-dedicated selection of merch that's more than fit to satisfy any Franken-fan out there.

Whether you love Frankenstein, Frankenstein's monster (don't get it twisted), Igor, the Bride of Frankenstein, or any other creepy character associated with the classic monster tale, we've got a Hot Topic fan favorite just waiting to be explored.

Want to showcase your love for the freaky-lookin' monster in a real, obvious way? We've got online pages and pages stocked with the Frankenstein monster Ts you never knew you needed. Check out our Bride of Frankenstein Torn Love T-shirt, our Frankenstein the Bride High Voltage T-shirt, or even our Frankenstein Unspeakable Horror T-shirt.

Ready to take a walk on the scary side? Take our Frankenstein Rider Monsters Flip Flop Sandals out for a spin and try to walk a mile in a monster's freaky shoes.

In other words, there's no need to fret, Franken-fans—our collection is so well put together, it could even satiate the furious rampage for vengeance that Frankenstein's monster went on. Too bad our collection didn't exist in the story, huh?

Start scrolling through our Franken-approved collection right now to get your monster hands on all the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein merch, apparel, accessories, and more!