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Gloomy Bear

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  • Gloomy Bear Shirts, Hoodies & Pajamas 

    He’s cute. He’s cuddly. He’s…uh…deadly? Yep, we’re talkin’ about good ol’ Gloomy Bear. And even if he might look huggable, we advise you don’t dare hug him (OK, you can hug him–but only the plush toy version). 

    This bloodthirsty bear might be scary, but he’s also scary cute if you ask us–that’s why we decided to put together an entire curated collection of all things Gloomy Bear. Take a look at him. Can you blame us? This selection is stocked to the digital brim with all the Gloomy Bear goods you could ever want. Got a hankering for Gloomy Bear plushes? We got ‘em. Need a Gloomy Bear hoodie to show off your Gloomy love? Check. How about a Gloomy Bear Backpack for a real unique piece of Gloomy merch? You better believe we’ve got those, too. No matter what you’re after (and no matter how much you love this killer bear), we’ve got your merch needs more than covered. 

    Don’t buy that we’ve got the best Gloomy Bear stuff in stock? Don’t make us sick that cute-and-killer bear on you. Peep our sweet selection of all things Gloomy Bear ASAP. Need some Gloomy Bear home decor? Our Gloomy Bear Faces Acrylic Travel Cup and our Gloomy Bear Ramen Bowl With Chopsticks should do the trick. How about some sweet Gloomy Bear apparel? Our Gloomy Bear Skull Pink Tie-dye T-Shirt or our Gloomy Bear Outline Suspender Skirt. Just in the market for a few Gloomy Bear collectibles? We get that. Our Gloomy Bear Cuff Earring Set By Mori Chack and our Gloomy Bear Bracelet Set are musts. 

    No matter what gloomy goods you’re all about, our collection has you totally covered. Start shoppin’ our selection of must-have Gloomy Bear tees, hoodies, accessories, and more.