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Hot Topic's ICEE Shop: T-Shirts, Merchandise, Plushies & More

Got an ice-cold love for all things ICEE? Oh, we see you. When it comes to ICEE, ain’t no one gonna out chill our obsession with the frozen brand that’s undeniably awesome. What, you still think the ICEE thing is just about delicious frozen drinks? Psh, please—any hardcore, iced-out ICEE fan knows that the ICEE franchise is about more than just frozen treats—it’s a way of freakin’ life, friends.

Meet the Hot Topic ICEE Collection, a seriously sweet, chilled collection that’s all about repping your love for all things frozen. We know what you’re thinking, and no, we’re not selling ICEEs over here, but we are providing you with the all-time best merch, fandom apparel, and faves that every ICEE fanatic needs in their life.

Showcase your frigid love for ICEE with our ICEE Cup T-shirt or our ICEE Logo Tie-Dye Boyfriend Fit Girls T-Shirt. Snuggle up with our ICEE Polar Bear Cherry Scented Plush (yep, we said scented like cherry). Travel in style with our ICEE Dome Acrylic Travel Cup—yep, it’s iconic and nope, no ICEE included, regrettably.

So, stop sleeping on your ICEE love and start repping this frozen collection ASAP!

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