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  • Morbius Shirts, Merchandise, Hoodies, and Apparel

    Want to feel more alive than ever? Morbius would be proud. Anti-heroes, we’ve got a treat for you. Leave the lame merch collections for the heroes and villains (just kidding, we’ve got badass selections of merch, fan faves, and must-haves for your fave villains and heroes, too). Meet the Hot Topic Morbius Collection, a one-of-a-kind collection that’s sure to meet your Living Vampire merch needs.

    Whether you’ve been a fan of Dr. Michael Morbius since the OG comic days, or you’re just hopping on board this anti-villain bandwagon, we’ve got just the thing for you–this Living Vampire collection, that’s what. From hoodies and sweaters to long-sleeve tees and tanks, there’s a gotta-have-it Morbius merch situation just waiting for you in Hot Topic’s Morbius selection.

    Got a hot Morbius must-have on your horizon? We can meet those needs. Peep collection faves that are sure to please like our Marvel Morbius Comic Cover T-Shirt, our Marvel Morbius Painted Morbius Long Sleeve T-shirt, our Marvel Morbius Deadly 1971 Vampire Tank, and beyond.

    So, what are you waiting for? This Morbius collection is a lot like our fave anti-hero–allusive, rare, and a little blood-thirsty (we’re kidding, this collection is totally safe). Make sure you pick up your must-have merch, apparel, accessories, collectibles, and so much more here and now before these gotta-grab-‘em items vanish like Morbius when the sun comes out.

    And remember, this collection isn’t the end of the super universe. Check out our other hero, anti-hero, and villain collections from your fave universes (DC Comics and Marvel fans, we’re lookin’ at your for sure).