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  • Sailor Moon Figures, Merchandise, Hoodies, and Shirts

    In the name of the moon, I'll punish you–I'm the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and justice. The forces of good are calling you (and, you know, so is Sailor Moon's main catchphrase)–are you ready to answer them?

    Sailor Moon fans, this one collection is specifically for you. Look, we love all anime as much as the next person, but c'mon, there's something special about Sailor Moon and her badass crew of moon guardians dedicated to protecting the fate of the world (and Tuxedo Mask, too).

    Whether you're all about protecting the Silver Crystal and taking on the Dark Kingdom or you're just seeking out the perfect Sailor Moon t-shirt, you're in the right place. If you're Sailor obsessed, we advise you start scrolling ASAP.

    Looking to bring some serious Sailor Moon style to your closet? Check out our Sailor Guardian Lineup T-shirt, our Sailor Moon Purple Tie-Dye Girls Sweatpants, or even our Neon Background Long-Sleeve T-shirt. Hoping to look a little more like Sailor Moon herself? Our Crescent Moon Velvet Choker or our Pink Cat Ears are a must.

    Wanna spice up your accessories in total Sailor Moon fashion? We def suggest you check out our Pink Star Locket Necklace, our Symbols * Stones Ring Set, or even our Luna & Artemis Best Friend Bracelet Set (if you've got a fellow Sailor obsessed pal!)