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  • Skelanimals Hoodies, Clothing & Accessories 

    Cute. Cuddly. Um, dead? Yep, if you’re lookin’ for love that’ll never die, then this spookily good news will make your skin crawl–but like, in the best way possible. If you’re lookin’ for something cute and cuddly to snuggle up with but love your lovey stuffies to have a little angsty edge, the Hot Topic Skelanimals shop is sure to please. 

    Our selection of adorable animal-esque apparel will never die out when it comes to style. Because, well, you know–the animals are already dead. Skelanimals are straightforward. They’re comfy and cuddly but also just a touch creepy. Think about it like a little macabre take on adorable animal apparel that's got a very skeleton-first approach to your apparel. We’re talkin’ about blending snuggly with spooky or loveable with looming. 

    The good news about this brand (and our collection of Skelanimals)? There's a little somethin' for everyone. And we’re not just sellin’ snuggly stuffies–we’ve got a ton of creepy-cute-AF apparel in this shop. That means you’ll find Skelanimals hoodies, clothing, accessories, decor, collectibles, and more. From tank tops and t-shirts to backpacks and blankets, if you’re seeking some Skelanimals goodies, this is the shop to find it.  

    Need a little inspo to get this Skelanimals shopping spree going? We got you. Check out some must-have apparel from our selection, like our Skelanimals Grid Throw Blanket, our Skelanimals Red Plaid Kit Arm Warmers, our Skelanimals Diego Girls Hooded Cape (perfect for a Skelanimals Halloween, BTW), or even our Loungefly Skelanimals Lightning Blind Box Enamel Pin. 

    Already into the Skelanimals vibe? That’s good news for us. Why? Because you already know your fave Skelanimals, and that means you know we've got every single one of them covered. From Diego the Bat and Jack the Rabbit to Pen the Penguin and Cecil the Snake, we've got the list of adorably dead Skelanimals on lock for you.

    So, what are you waiting for? These Skelanimals aren't going anywhere or anything, but you might want to kickstart that scroll and shop session anyway–remember, you're not the only Skelanimals fan out there.