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    What’s that? You don’t like Sonic the Hedgehog merch? In the words of our fave blue friend, “you just picked a fight with a poorly disguised hedgehog who’s seen way too many action movies.” Or rather, you just picked a fight with a pop-culture shop that’s got a lot of love for that little poorly disguised hedgehog.

    In other words, friends, whether you’ve been a Sonic the Hedgehog fan since the start of Sega, playing each of the countless video games, or you’re just now hopping on the hedgehog bandwagon with the new movies cropping up, we’re glad to have you here. Why? Because we’re Hot Topic, and we’re all about supplying our super fans with the next-level merch, apparel, accessories, collectibles, must-haves, and so much more.

    In other words, when it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog goodies, you better believe we’ve got your back. Don’t buy it? Don’t sweat it. We’ll happily share some of our collection faves to give you a little bit of that hedgehog proof you need to start your Sonic shopping spree.

    Peep collection faves like our Sonic the Hedgehog Characters & Rings Crew Socks, our Sonic the Hedgehog 20-inch Plush, our Sonic and Knuckles Logo T-shirt, or even our Sonic the Hedgehog Playing Cards.

    Whether you’re a fast-and-loose video game fan who just wants a little Sonic merch to show your Sonic fan friends the depth of your hedgehog love, or you’ve been straight Sonic obsessed since your first Sega, we’ve got the must-have merch you need to make your Sonic dreams complete.

    So, what are you waiting for? Everyone needs a hero–and for us, Sonic is it. But for you, we’re glad to fill that hero void and give you all the fan-fave Sonic merch you could ever need.