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  • The Boys Figures, Shirts, and Merch

    Never meet your heroes—just stick with The Boys.

    If you’re as crazed for foul-mouthed Billy Butcher and all his non-supe crew, then you’re in the right place. Get ready for our Hot Topic The Boys Collection to save the f***in’ day (we’re really channeling Billy for this, OK).

    If you’re ready to showcase your allegiance to the dysfunctional chaos that is The Boys and help your Spice-Girls-esque team stop all that injustice that The Seven keep sweeping under the rug, then you’re gonna need the right merch on your side.

    Check out some of our sweet Ts that are so badass even Translucent would wear them—you know, if it would show up. We suggest The Boys Poster T-Shirt, Vought International Logo T-Shirt, or The Seven Group T-shirt.

    Need a special collectible to spice up your space? Check out our must-have Funko The Boys Pop! Television figurines—we’ve got A-Train, Queen Maeve, Billy Butcher, Homelander, and more!

    Not sure how to narrow down you’re the Boys merch in your cart? Psh. We’ll cross that bridge when we burn it. For now, keep scrolling, keeping shopping, and keep picking your fave The Boys apparel, collectibles, merch, home décor, and more. We can bet you need it all. Why? Because all The Boys merch you buy is just like The Spice Girls (and like The Boys, too)—better together, obviously.