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Umbrella Academy Merch: Shirts, Figures & More

Just because you're not currently in your Academy uniform doesn't mean that you shouldn't be reppin' where you're from whenever you can—no matter what your number is. Meet the Hot Topic line that's focused on unifying you with your fellow super-human siblings no matter where you are.

Choose from simple, understated designs like the Umbrella Academy Crest printed on the front chest and back so you can constantly rep your kind, or select from other T's with a bolder badge of honor—like the infamous umbrella logo proudly on the chest of your T (why tell people about your favorite show/ graphic novel when you can use the symbol to track down your fellow mutant fanatics).

Want something that shows off those educational skills you picked up at the Academy? Check out the Umbrella Academy Learning Chart T-shirt to show off your own version of the ABCs—aim, block, choke. This T shows off the fundamentals you were proud to pick up at the Academy.

Whether you're looking to rep your Academy—or you have a mutant friend who's in dire need of some Umbrella Academy merch—look no further than Hot Topic's distinct Umbrella Academy line.

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