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  • Marvel WandaVision Merchandise, Figures, and Apparel

    Marvel fans, feel free to go ahead and freak out right now–because you've stumbled upon the officially awesome and totally equipped collection of all things WandaVision.

    When it comes to all things Marvel–and especially when it comes to all things Scarlet Witch–you better believe we're on the ball. If you're just as obsessed as we are with Wanda Scarlet Witch Maximoff, then you're in the right place. Though many of us love Scarlet Witch for her hand helping the Avengers in Age of Ultron, Scarlet Witch has been a cool as hell hero since the early days of Marvel characters (created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for X-Men #4, more specifically). No matter how long you've loved her to pieces, you're all welcome to be part of our Wanda-Scarlet-Witch-loving crew.

    Enter, a killer merch collection, of course (that's like, kind of our thing, you know?).

    WandaVision is no joke, so we fully support your merch splurge. Check out our awesome apparel that you'll be dying to add to your closet, like our Marvel WandaVision Moon Glow Girls T-Shirt, our Marvel WandaVision Monochrome Wanda Girls T-shirt, or even our Marvel WandaVision A Love Like You've Never Seen T-shirt. None of these tickle your fancy? Don't sweat it–we've got plenty of options for you to scroll through in the collection.

    How about some must-have home goods and collectibles? Our Funko Marvel WandaVision Pop! 50s Wanda Vinyl Bobble-Head or our Funko Marvel WandaVision Pop! Halloween Vision Vinyl Bobble-Head might both be winners for your own personal collection.

    The moral of this story? If you're ready to be the WandaVision superfan you were always meant to be, you better get to shoppin'–this Hot Topic collection is totally devoted to being your WandaVision one-stop-shop!