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  • Doctor Who Gifts, Clothing, Apparel, Merch & Shirts

    The Universe is big. It's vast and complicated and ridiculous… but our one-of-a-kind-collection of Doctor Who merchandise, apparel, and home décor, is even bigger, and of course, even more vast, complicated and ridiculous. What exactly did you expect from us, anyway? 

    Fans know rule 1 in the world of Doctor Who: The Doctor lies. 

    But we think the second (and honestly more important rule) of Doctor Who fandom should be this–you’ve got to sport the best Doctor Who merchandise, home decor, fan faves, and more to be a part of the Doctor Who club. (OK, you can be part of the club no matter what, but we think the merch makes it so much more fun). 

    If you're down with the wibbly-wobbly, time-y, wimey stuff that the Doctor Who universe dishes out, then you're going to love our collection of Doctor Who goodies. From the must-have, fun, and a little bit-impractical merch.

    Wanna turn your Doctor Who house into a Doctor Who home? Sounds like you’re in need of some home decor for sure. Peep collection faves like our Doctor Who Fluxx card game. (Because even game night is Doctor Who focused, right?). 

    Want to see how much Doctor Who stuff you can add to your life before your friends sit you down for a chat? Our Her Universe Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor High Waisted Swim Bottoms at your next pool party might do the trick. But if you’re just after some much-needed, logical Doctor Who purchase to push your fandom ever forward, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for that, too. Check out our Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Flag Poster Hoodie or our Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor 80s Art T-Shirt. 

    Rest is for the weary, sleep is for the dead — so start scrolling through our Doctor Who merch, apparel, and home goods now so you can pick out the perfect Doctor Who T's, collectibles, and more for you and your Doctor-loving friends.