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  • Sleep Token Merch, Hoodies, Tees, and More

    Worshipers of Sleep, welcome to the sacred ground of Hot Topic's Sleep Token merch collection. Whether you've been jamming to "Sundowning" since day one, or the haunting melodies of "This Place Will Become Your Tomb" have just graced your ears, we've got the Sleep Token swag to take you to the next level. No need for a "Chokehold" on your desires; the Sleep Token selection is here, and it's calling your name.

    Are you a part of the Sleep Token TikTok wave? Want to gear up for the next Sleep Token tour with the hottest apparel? You've landed in the right place. From rocking out at their concerts with Sleep Token tickets in hand to chilling at home, our collection has the vibes you need.

    Let's get real, Sleep Token fans–we've got the goods that'll take you "Back to Eden." Check out our Sleep Token Winged Reaper T-Shirt, ready to unleash the divine power of the band's newest album, "Take Me Back To Eden." Feeling more mysterious? Our Sleep Token Symbols T-Shirt is calling your name.

    Hoodie fanatic? We've got you covered with our Sleep Token Symbols & Beings Hoodie, perfect for those late-night jam sessions. And for the super fans, our Sleep Token Take Me Back To Eden Girls Sweatshirt and the Sleep Token Euclid T-Shirt are must-haves.

    No matter your style, no matter your favorite album, we've got the Sleep Token merch to resonate with your soul. Remember, this isn't just apparel; it's a connection to the music that moves you.

    Guess what, Sleep Token aficionados? This collection is only the beginning. Hot Topic is your gateway to all things music. Dive into our endless array of metal band tees and music merch.

    Ready to answer the call of Sleep Token? Get to shoppin', fans. Your musical odyssey awaits, and with Hot Topic, you'll be dressed to impress. Whether it's tickets to the next tour or the perfect tee to showcase on TikTok, we've got what you need. Your Sleep Token journey starts now, and we're here to guide the way.