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Spirited Away Backpacks, Hoodies, Shirts, Plushes, and Merchandise

Spirited Away fans, we've got good news–there's no need for you to go sleuthing around for the spirit world (or taking a job at Yubaba's bathhouse) to find the perfect Spirited Away merch. We've got you covered! Welcome to Hot Topic's Spirited Away Collection–an entirely awesome curated selection of all the Spirited Away goodies you've been searching for.

Whether you love Spirited Away for Chihiro, Haku, the soot sprites, or simply because it's another Studio Ghibli classic (as a side note, we've got tons of other Studio Ghibli collections you might want to check out if you're a big fan), this collection is the perfect spot for you! From clothes, apparel, and accessories that'll line the walls of your closet (and your everyday attire) to exclusive collectibles you'll undeniably want to add to your Spirited Away shrine, we've got a little something for every Spirited Away fan.

Need the ultimate T-shirt to declare your love for Spirited Away? Oh, we've got you covered. Check out our huge collection of Ts–including our Spirited Away Soot Sprite Girls Ringer T-shirt–and pick your fave. How about the perfect accessory to subtly rock your love for the best anime of all time? Check out our eerie but awesome No-Face Dainty Bling Necklace. Want to bring a little more Studio Ghibli Spirited Away vibes to your fave room in the house? We highly recommend our Haku Throw Blanket to cap off your obsession.

Moral of the story here? You don't need to work your fingers to the bone like Chihiro to access the spirit world–you just need to start scrolling through our collection.