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  • Cool, Cute & Aesthetic Pens & Pencils

    Got a boring pen and pencil collection? Psh, time to erase that chapter of your life. (Or, you know, if it was written in permanent pen, just go ahead and scratch that out). At Hot Topic, we’ve got a very (and we mean very) important question for fandom fiends like you–if you can’t have fun with your pens, what can you have fun with?

    If you know us, you know we’re pretty into the whole “bringing your fave fandoms into all things functional” kind of thing, so it only makes sense that we’d make sure your writing utensils (we’re looking at you, pens and pencils) into that mix, too. Right?

    The Hot Topic Pens & Pencils Collection is all about upgrading your perfect pen and pencil collection to ensure that you’re not just writing in style; you’re rocking your all-time fave fandoms while staying as productive as possible. In other words, bring a little wonder to your writing with Hot Topic’s wild selection of must-have pens and pencils. (Yep, we can’t be topped when it comes to bringing your pop-culture faves to every facet of your life. You’re welcome).

    Seeking a pen set with a cutesy vibe? We’ve got you. Check out our Fruit Drink Charm Assorted Blind Gel Pen. Gotta catch ‘em all when it comes to epic writing tools? Our Pokemon Poke Ball Pen should do the trick. Wanna take your love for Toy Story to a whole new level? Sounds like our Disney Pixar Toy Story Alien Eraser is the absolute move for you.

    Peek into this pen collection ASAP and pick out your all-time faves. It’s time to figure out how a pop-culture pen or pencil can totally transform your trivial writing tasks into something super functional, fun, and fandom-approved.