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Skleanimals Skirts, Jackets, Plushes, Backpacks, Hoodies, Clothing & Shirts

Lookin' for love that'll never die? We've got some spooky-cute news you're gonna love.

Meet the Hot Topic Skelanimals collection, a selection of adorable animal-esque apparel that'll never die out when it comes to style–because, well, the animals are already dead.

Yep, Skelanimals is exactly what it sounds like. A little macabre take on adorable animal apparel that's got a very skeleton-first approach to your apparel. Think edgy and twisted–but, like, cute and cuddly, too. That sounds like the perfect blend in our book, we're willing to bet you agree.

The good news about this brand (and our collection of Skelanimals)? There's a little somethin' for everyone. Peep creep-cute collection faves like our tank tops, t-shirts, and necklaces sets or our dresses, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

What do we love about Skelanimals? They take that whole cute as hell vibe to a totally new level. Need a little inspo to get this Skelanimals shopping spree going? We got you. Check out some must-have apparel from our selection like our Skelanimals Plaid Split Dress, our Skelanimals Maxx Steam Punk Sweatshirt, our Skelanimals Kit Chain Girls Crop Tank, or even our Skelanimals Kit & Diego Best Friend Necklace Set.

Already into the Skelanimals vibe? Good news–we've got every character covered. From Diego the Bat and Jack the Rabbit to Pen the Penguin and Cecil the Snake, we've got the list of adorably dead Skelanimals on lock for you.

So, what are you waiting for? These Skelanimals aren't going anywhere or anything, but you might want to kickstart that scroll and shop session anyway–remember, you're not the only Skelanimals fan out there.