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4 Results

Maleficent Decor, Gifts, Shirts, Figures & Backpacks

Mirror, mirror, on the wall—who is the greatest Maleficent fan of us all?

Hold your evil horses, real quick—before you claim that title for yourself, you better think long and hard about your collection of Disney's Maleficent fandom. Do you have any Disney Maleficent apparel in your closet that would be fit for the evil queen herself? How about your house? Do you see any Maleficent merchandise hanging from your walls? Judging by your silence, the Evil Queen probably wouldn't be pleased.

Fear not, curious little beastie—that's where we come in. Meet Hot Topic's Maleficent collection, a one-stop-shop that pays total tribute to the most stunning, most cunning, and most iconic villain to ever grace a Disney storyline—so much so, she even got her own movie.

Sure, you probably hated her in Disney's classic Sleeping Beauty—but once you saw the Maleficent movies, you probably sang a tune way different than Aurora's Once Upon a Dream song.

Our Disney Maleficent collection is full of the unique, have-to-have merchandise, fan favorites, décor, apparel, accessories, and more that every Evil Queen-lover needs in their life.

Looking to cast a spell on Sleeping Beauty lovers with a wardrobe fitting of the ever-beautiful Maleficent? Check out our Maleficent hoodies, sweaters, leggings, long-sleeve Tees, tank tops, scarves, skirts, and dresses!

Need a Maleficent collectible to bring a cold, cruel touch to your home's décor? Check out our Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Dragon Haute Couture Figurine, our Disney Sleeping Beauty Miss Mindy Aurora Diorama, and our Disney Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Throwbee Convertible Blanket.

No matter what, we know you need some Maleficent merch in your life, so quick, get to scrolling before Sleeping Beauty wakes up!