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  • Warner Brothers Horror Movie Shirts, Apparel & Accessories

    Any real horror fan knows there's no brand of horror flick better than a Warner Brothers horror flick. What, you think we're wrong? C'mon, list off some of the classics with us—IT, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street? People, Warner Brothers did Beetlejuice, for goodness' sake—you know they know what they're doing.

    If you count yourself as one of the Horror-lovin' flock, then you're in the right place at the right time for a righteous amount of horror merchandise that you can't find anywhere else. Welcome to Hot Topic's Warner Brothers horror collection, a place where horror freaks and fiends like yourself can be at peace. Why? Because we've got the freaky, creepy, gory, and glory-filled merchandise, apparel, accessories, home goods, collectibles, and more that you absolutely need in your life.

    Looking for the perfect thrill? Check out our collection of horror favorites from Warner Brothers films to amplify our love for the thrilling and chilling.

    Need the ultimate piece to take your collection from sub-par to substantial? Check out our must-have collectibles like our IT S.S. Georgie Trinket Box, our Mondo Mondoids Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Vinyl Figure, or even our Beetlejuice Sandworm Oven Mitt.

    Want to fill your closet with the creepy clothes of your dreams? Start scrolling through our huge collection of horror dresses, hats, hoodies, sweaters, bags, beanies, button-ups, belts, and so much more!

    Take your nightmares to the next level with the dreamy horror collection from Hot Topic!