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Buzz Lightyear Gifts, Hoodies, Shirts, Backpacks & Merchandise

You know what awaits? According to the new Disney Pixar Lightyear movie, the answer is infinity. But in our opinion, what really awaits is the most epic Hot Topic collection yet-the Buzz Lightyear collection.

Yep, Disney Pixar fans, we have lift-off. Meet the Hot Topic Buzz Lightyear collection, a one-stop-shop filled to the brim with all your fan faves, must-haves, merch, collectibles, home decor, apparel, accessories, gifts, and so much more-totally dedicated to Buzz himself.

Think you could find a better Buzz Lightyear collection? We don't think so (unless, like, you're shopping at Star Command or something-in which case, can we get the invite?).

Finally, here's a spot for your all-time fave apparel, accessories, clothes, toys, collectibles, and so much more all dedicated to the man, the myth, the legend-Buzz Lightyear himself. Whether you've been a superfan since the first time he buzzed Star Command in the first Toy Story you're just now hoppin' on the Buzz bandwagon in time for 2022 Disney Pixar's Lightyear movie, this collection is def for you.

Peep collection faves like our Disney Pixar Lightyear Rendered Logo T-Shirt, our Disney Pixar Lightyear Poster T-Shirt, or even our Disney Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear No Signs Of Halloween Candy Sweatshirt.

The best part about this collection? There's so much more waiting for you. Peep our other Disney Pixar collections (including our awesome Disney Pixar Toy Story Collection) for even more fan faves you just can't get enough of.

So, you know what we've got to say to all of this? To infinity and beyond-uhm, in other words, start shopping ASAP.