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  • $7.92 is sales price, the original price is $9.90
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  • Anime, Costume, and Goth Jewelry for Guys and Girls

    Jewelry junkies, welcome to the Hot Topic Jewelry Collection, a carefully and meticulously curated selection of the must-have jewelry you’ve always wanted but could never quite find.

    Don’t believe us? Take a quick scroll-through to see what we mean—we’ve got every type of jewelry you can think of. Body chains? Yep. Disney jewelry specifically? Oh, yeah. Hair sticks and necklaces? Check and check. Chokers, rings, and watches? That’s a big old yes to all three.

    It’s filled to the brim with the pop culture jewelry you’ve always wanted—that means all your pop-culture-approved obsessions and fandoms are right here, right now beautifully intersecting with stunning and edgy jewelry you actually want to wear.

    That means no matter what you’re after, this collection has precisely what you’re looking for—and more! Fancy yourself the world’s biggest Disney fan. First, get in line behind us. Second, take a peek at fave Disney jewelry like our Alice in Wonderland Rose Close Chain Faux Leather Choker, our Disney Mickey Mouse Interchangeable Charm Choker Set, or our Disney Lilo & Stitch Ice Cream Necklace.

    Looking for some edgy collections of earrings, necklaces, and rings to peruse? This all-encompassing jewelry selection has you covered. Take a peek at faves like our Crystal Dragon Mismatch Earring Set, our Safety Pin Chain Ring Set, or even our Padlock Skull Chain Necklace Set.

    Add a new (and well-deserved) piece to your jewelry collection—start scrolling Hot Topic’s stunning selection of all things jewelry to find the perfect-for-you set of your dreams.