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4 Results

Hot Topic's Pokemon Shop: Pokemon Figures, Shirts, and Merchandise

Gotta catch 'em all? Yes, we can relate. When it comes to Pokémon merch, apparel, collectibles, and other must-haves, there's no such thing as too much (at least, that's what we think).

So, for the Poké-fans looking to deck out their closets, cars, homes, and more, you've finally found the Pokémon heaven you've been looking for—Hot Topic's Pokémon collection.

Whether you're all about that classic Pokémon nostalgia and are team “151 Originals Only”, you're absolutely nuts for Pokémon Go and Detective Pikachu, or you fall somewhere in between (it's okay to love all things Pokémon, we won't judge you), we've got an entire virtual warehouse full of the Pokémon gifts, collectibles, and fan favorites you'll be dying to catch faster than a Gen 1 Rattata.

Need something to keep you warm and comfortable while you hunt down Pokémon through your neighborhood? Check out our Pokémon Pikachu Character Girls Hoodie. Itching to find the perfect collectible to add to your Pokémon collection? We've got all the Funko Pop! Pokémon vinyl figures you could ever need (from MewTwo to Vulpix to Evee and beyond). And Pokémon plush? We've got you covered.

How about that perfect gift for the only fan who loves Pokémon more than you do (if that's even possible)? From our varied selection of must-have merch (like our Loungefly Pokémon Starters Duffel Bag to our Pokémon Model Kits to our Pokémon swim trunks), we've got a huge selection of the must-have merch you need.

So, Poké pals, we've laid all the Pokémon fan-favorites out for you—so start scrolling. In other words, we choose you (to start shopping, that is).

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