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    Sure, happiness can come from the kindness of those around you like Tohru Honda says… but like, TBH, doesn't happiness also come from having access to all the Fruits Basket merch, apparel, fan faves, accessories, collectibles, and more? Because that's kind of where we're at, Tohru.

    No disrespect, we just think Tohru probably said that before she ever saw the Hot Topic Fruits Basket Collection, the well-stocked, one-stop shop that's filled to the brim with all the must-haves for Fruits Baskets fans.

    Yep, you def heard us right-we've got an entire collection dedicated to your fave manga-anime combo, Fruits Basket. Whether you relate to giving and loving Tohru or find that you're more of a kindred spirit with any of the Somas (not that we're, like, saying you're cursed or anything…), this is the perfect merch must-have for you and your Fruits Basket fandom.

    Stock up your wardrobe, deck out your home, and start collecting the Fruits Basket merch, plushies, apparel, and fan favorites that are sure to bring your fandom love to the next level!

    Don't buy that we've got the best Fruits Basket merch in the game? Take a peek and see for yourself. Check out our must-have goodies like our Fruits Basket Chibi Character Girls Crop Cami, our Fruits Basket Animal Zodiac Bucket Hat, our Fruits Basket Playing Cards, our Fruits Basket Trio Girls T-shirt, and beyond.

    No matter how you want to express your love for your fave anime, there's a Fruits Basket item waiting right here for you in our carefully curated collection. But that's not all-Hot Topic is stocked with all the anime must-haves you're about, from Hunter x Hunter to Avatar: The Last Airbender to My Hero Academia and beyond!