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  • Plus Size White, Black, Denim & Soft Shorts

    The perfect pair of plus size shorts doesn’t exi—hold that thought, ladies. At least until you’ve had a chance to scroll through Hot Topic’s Plus Size Shorts Collection, AKA, the ultimate selection of all things cute, cozy, and straight-up adorable when it comes to shorts.

    Here’s the deal girls, shorts season is upon us, and if you’re not repping an amazing pair of shorts to show off those gams and give those legs some sun, then you’re totally not ready for what summer’s going to bring. The good news? We’ve got the shorts solution you’ve been seeking.

    Our carefully curated selection of summertime-approved shorts is full of the styles you’ve been dreaming of all winter long—from mom shorts and soft shorts to shortalls and Bermuda shorts, we’ve got a little bit of everything you need to thrive during spring, summer, and whatever else you consider short season (no judgment, do your thing whenever girl).

    Ready to rock a brand new pair of shortalls this year? Our Disney Lilo & Stitch Ice Cream Stripe Shortalls Plus Size, our Disney Mulan Embroidered Shortalls Plus Size, and our Disney Villains Embroidered Black Denim Shortalls Plus Size are all serious contenders.

    How about something soft and comfy? Our The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Boys Cute & Creepy Girls Soft Shorts Plus Size and our Naruto Shippuden Ichiraku Ramen Girls Soft Shorts Plus Size are both absolute must-haves.

    In short, let’s just get to the bottom of it— there’s nothing like Hot Topic’s collection of Girls’ Plus Size Shorts. So start scrolling and shopping—trust us, your legs will thank us this summer!