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  • Kuromi Plushes, Sweatshirts, Merchandise, Clothing & Shirts

    Cheeky? Definitely. Punky? Absolutely. Leader of a biker gang? Well, sort of–trikes count, right? Kuromi, Kuromi, Kuromi–archrival of My Melody, girly at heart, and your absolute fave Sanrio character.

    For all you Kuromi fans out there, we’ve got good news, there’s an entire collection on our site dedicated to this adorable but unfriendly lil rabbit. Listen, don’t let Kuromi’s bad temper stop you from lovin’ her–it doesn’t stop us! And let’s be honest, it’s part of the charm, right?

    Meet the Hot Topic Kuromi Collection, the one-stop shop for Sanrio lovers and Kuromi-specific fans. Not sure what this collection has to offer you? We’ve got you covered. Take a quick peek at some of the collection faves and highlights right here, right now. Check out our Kuromi Purple Flames Girls Muscle Top (perfect for Kuromi fan girls), our My Melody & Kuromi Split Girls Bike Shorts (for those who love the rivalry), our Steel Black Kuromi Industrial Barbell (for the hardcore but subtle fans), or even our Kuromi Halter Swim Top and Skirted Bottoms set.

    What did we learn here? There’s a little something for every Sanrio lover in this collection–especially if you’re a big-time Kuromi fan. So, what are you waiting for, friend? Pop on a black jester hat with a pink skull on the front (because we know you already have one) and start shoppin’ the Kuromi selection!