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Backpacks & Bags Shop: Crossbody, Totes, Duffles & More

Satchels? Bags? Backpacks? Crossbody bags? Totes? If it’s on your list of must-have bags, you bet we’ve got you covered. Meet the Hot Topic bags and purses collection, a one-stop shop of all things pop-culture-approved purses, crossbodies, passport totes, and so much more. We could talk about what’s in this collection for-freakin’-ever, but let’s just be straight up for time’s sake–if it’s a bag and if it’s got a fandom, then it’s waiting for you in this collection.

Bags online, bags in-store, bags in-between

Alright, so, spoiler alert. We might be bada** pop culture pros who love the counter-culture–but we’re also pretty dang big on customer service (we’re softies like that). We’ll just say it: we wanna make your pop culture experience great. That’s why we’ve created multiple ways for you to enjoy and explore Hot Topic.

Obvs, we’re online (duh, you’re reading this). You can shop till you drop and fill your online cart to no limit here–and we love that for you. But if you’re more of a try-before-you-buy shopper OR you just love the in-person magic of a store near you, we’ve got plenty of Hot Topic shops across the country for you to explore.

But wait (*infomercial voice*), there’s more! You can even pursue online, buy your must-have bag, backpack, tote, or graphic tee (we’ve got plenty of those, btw), then pick it up in-store–the same day, no extra fees, no weird strings attached.

Convenient, right? Shop your style, your fandoms, and your preferences–your way!

Exclusive Bags & Backpacks–But, Like, For Everybody

Here’s the deal. Hot Topic is basically pop culture royalty (we hate to brag, but also, no, we don’t). We’ve spent decades building up killer relationships with the franchises you love so we could bring you collabs that make your head spin and exclusive merch you can’t find anywhere else. But also–we believe that the pop culture world is for anybody and everybody who wants to be here.

So, we like to balance our exclusivity with our inclusivity. You’ll get can’t-find-it-anywhere-else stuff when you shop Hot Topic, but we’re never keeping it from anybody. No matter your preferred fandom, fit, niche, or style, we want you to know that you belong here–and everything we’ve got is up for grabs.

Pop Culture Royalty W/ a Side of Bag & Backpack Fever

Ummm, you scrolled all the way to the bottom to read this? We’re freakin’ touched, you fan freak. We just want to leave you with these parting words–no matter the fandom, no matter the style, the fit, or the trend; we’re always going to deliver. Why? Because our love for pop-culture is just part of the reasons why we do what we do. We also love you (gross), and we’re here to do our absolute damndest to get you the niche little merch you love to love.