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    Let's go ahead and face it, there's nothing out there better than Disney Plus for the head-over-heels, totally obsessed, nerdy-and-neurotic Disney fans (in case you're wondering, we're including ourselves in that category, BTW). At least, there wasn't anything better than Disney Plus–until now.

    Disney Plus fiends, we've got a little somethin' here that we think you're gonna go wild for. Fans, meet the Hot Topic Disney Plus Collection, an enormous, outrageous, and totally incredible collection of all the Disney Plus accessories, apparel, collectibles, home décor, fan faves, merchandise, and so much more that you always wanted and never knew where to find.

    Our Disney Plus Collection is no measly little selection of must-have merch–we've got pages and pages (and um, did we mention pages) of gotta-have-'em items that are begging you to take them home with you. How much merch, you ask? We've got over 33,000 carefully curated items that we count as perfect-for-you options for the biggest Disney Plus fans out there.

    If you're wondering where to start, we don't blame you–you've got a lot of ground to cover. But don't worry, we've got your back. From backpacks, bags, and bath and body to pants, paper goods, pins, and posters, our selection of all things Disney Plus has been carefully organized to feature your all-time fave characters in their own little categories.

    From classics like 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast to modern Disney musts like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Star Wars The Mandalorian, and Maleficent, there's plenty of Disney Plus options to choose from. And you better believe no character–or license–is getting left behind.