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Mickey Mouse Figurines, Hoodies, Hats, Plushes, Backpacks, and Shirts

Sound off the trumpets, you guys, it's time to welcome the most iconic, the mightiest, founding member of the Sensational Six, and the most famous mouse of all time—that's right, we're talkin' about M-i-c-k-e-y, M-o-u-s-e. (If you didn't start singing that in your head, you've obviously been deprived of the Mickey Mouse Club, which, if that's the case, we pity you hardcore).

You can't be a total Disney nut unless you're a Mickey Mouse fan, and you can't be a Mickey Mouse fan if you're not absolutely stacked with the ultimate collection of Mickey Mouse merch. That's where we come in. Welcome to Hot Topic's selection of all things Mickey Mouse—we're talkin' sweet or sporty shirts, adorable accessories, darling decorations, and of course, every last piece is all about celebrating that big-eared mouse with an even bigger heart.

Looking to really rep your love for Mickey Mouse in the loudest way possible? Check out items like our Disney Mickey Mouse Rainbow Bucket Hat or our Disney Mickey Mouse Duffel Bag. How about a soft subtle nod to the mouse that means the most? We've got cozy Mickey Mouse No-Show Socks or our Disney Mickey mouse Tabbed Journal?

Does your love for Mickey pale in comparison to your love for his equally adorable counterpart (oh yeah, we're talkin' about Minnie Mouse)—good news, our Mickey Mouse collection is packed with items sporting the darling duo. Name a more iconic couple—we'll wait. So, no matter how much you love Mickey (or Minnie), we've got a whole collection of curated gifts, apparel, merch, and more to help you accurately reflect your Disney obsession!