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  • Universal Monsters Backpacks, Merchandise, Hoodie, T-Shirts & Figures

    Frankenstein, The Mummy, Wolf Man, oh my! No, we're not listing the Universal Monsters we're most afraid of (so what if we are!?), we're just rambling off some of the best of the best frightening fiends from the Universal Monsters universe that we just so happen to have in our Hot Topic Universal Monsters merch collection!

    You heard us right, we've got all the fan favorites featuring the classics we've grown up loving. From the Phantom of the Opera and Dracula to The Invisible Man and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, no matter what your horror-lovin' heart is fiending for, we've got your needs covered, spooky friend.

    Need a little monster fix? We suggest scrolling through some of our enviable monster t-shirts like our The Invisible Man Portrait T-shirt, The Wolf Man Pure in Heart T-shirt, or our Dracula Poster in Cinemas Now T-Shirt.

    Not satisfied with just those choices? Good. We weren't either. That's why we added pages and pages (like 8 pages, to be exact) of comfy, creepy Ts all dedicated to the best monsters in history. And they're all just one click away.

    Pay homage to your fave classic monsters in a respectful way—by adding your fave merch, accessories, collectibles, and apparel to your closet, home, car, and life. Show everyone what we Universal Monsters fans already know, the classics are so much scarier than the modern monsters of today, right? Prove it—stock up and scare your pals with the Universal Monsters merch you've been searching for.