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    Black, Cargo, Jogger, and Graphic Shorts for Men

    Boys, we’re here to get short with you—well, actually, we’re here to talk shorts with you, but you get the point, right? Gentlemen, the sun is out, the weather is warm, and it’s time to give those legs of yours some much-needed, much-deserved freedom.

    Yeah, you survived winter—instead of rewarding yourself with a pat on the back, how’s about you treat yourself to a new pair of shorts from Hot Topic’s collection Guy’s Shorts? Spring won’t be officially sprung until you’re rockin’ a sweet pair of short threads on those bare legs—and luckily, we’re here with the solution you’ve been seeking since you first dreamed of summer sunshine.

    Don’t worry, we’ll keep this shorts spiel, well, short, because honestly, we're sure you're dying to start scrolling through our collection.

    No matter what type of shorts you're after, from lounge shorts to cargo shorts to skinny shorts to joggers and beyond, Hot Topic's Guys' Shorts Collection is full of the awesome options you've been craving all season long.

    Lookin’ for something super eccentric and fun? We suggest our Scooby-Doo Tie-Dye Volley Shorts or our The Simpsons Homer & Donut Volley Shorts to feed your fun-lovin’ style. How about something that’s a little more of an everyday staple? Our HT Denim Brown Jogger Shorts or our HT Denim Red Skinny Shorts should do the trick.

    So, stop keeping your legs prisoners, boys. Get some sunshine on those calves and start scrolling through our collection. We can guarantee you'll find a pair (or two or three) of shorts that you'll be dying to wear day in and day out.

    So pull on those jogger shorts (or those denim skinny shorts or those volley shorts, whatever your style might be) and start enjoying shorts season ASAP—short season is a painfully short season, after all. It’s time to take advantage!