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Cinderella Plushes, Shirts, Backpacks, Decor, and Merchandise

Cindarelly, Cindarelly, night and day it's Cindarelly—if this basically describes the inner workings of your brain (and you also knew right off the bat it was the lyrics to the Work Song the mouse chorus serenades the belle of the ball with in Disney's classic Cinderella), then friend, you're definitely in the right place.

Are you totally obsessed with a certain Disney princess missing a shoe? Well, if that shoe (or rather, the glass slipper) fits, then you better be proud to wear it. Cinderella fans unite—mouse, evil stepsister, or handsome prince, no matter who you are, this is the place to be!

We've done you an enormous solid by curating and creating the most classic, iconic collection of all. Meet the Hot Topic Disney Cinderella collection, a selection of merch, apparel, accessories, collectibles, wearables, shareables, and fan favorites. The best part about it? There's no fairy godmother needed to grant you access (no bibbidi-bobbidi-boos this time, friend). All you need to do is start scrolling through our painstakingly prepared collection of Cinderella goods!

What better way to rep your love for the OG shoe queen herself than by purchasing a pair of our Disney Cinderella Jaq & Gus Lace-up Sneakers? How about the rest of your closet? In our opinion, you can never have enough tees, satchels, swim tops, hoodies, or dresses that scream your love for the incognito belle of the ball.

Looking to build a castle all your own that's totally fit for Cinderella (no mice included)? Our curated collection of collectibles and home goods are the perfect fit for your Cindarelly obsession. Check out our Disney Cinderella Acacia Cheeseboard and Tool Set, our Disney Princess Cinderella Carriage Chair Mural, or even our Disney Royal Couple Fleece.

No matter how you plan to show off your Disney's Cinderella obsession, Hot Topic's got the perfect merch, collectibles, and fan favorites for you!