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Halloween Movie & Michael Myers Shirts, Hoodies, Plushes, Masks & Merchandise

That haunting score that sends chills down your spine, those dead-black eyes looking through that terrifying white mask, the cold and robotic walk that's coming right at you—that's real terror, and that's why we all truly love Halloween.

Michael Myers and the Halloween Franchise deserve every last bit of our horror-loving hearts, which is why Hot Topic has created the best of the best Halloween collection that's guaranteed to provide you with the merchandise, fan favorites, apparel, backpacks, accessories, home décor, and more that you need to pay true tribute to a classic we all know and love.

Chilling and iconic, the Halloween movies—whether you're talkin' about the nostalgic classics or the recent remakes—are a well-loved cult classic, so we're here to guarantee that your love for the franchise doesn't have to end with your repetitive re-watching tendencies. Now, you can bring your Halloween love into your home, into your closet, and into your life. Sounds like a horrific dream come true, right?

Need an ever-so-subtle nod to your Halloween love? Check out our Halloween Earbuds or our wide selection of Halloween Poster T-shirts. Looking for something a little louder and prouder than your traditional T? Don't sweat it—check out our Halloween Michael Myers Economy Mask or our Halloween Michael Myers One Good Scare Tie-Dye T-Shirt Dress.

Itching to give your guests a real trick-or-treat scare? Might we suggest adding our Halloween Michael Myers Life-Sized Animated Greeter to your Halloween collection? We can bet that'll give them an absolute scare that's to-die-for.

So, no matter what your Halloween faves might be—a Michael Myers T-shirt or a mask that mimics your favorite gory hero—Hot Topic's got the collection you're looking for to ensure that your fave horror classic never just stays in the films.