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  • Pinocchio Shirts, Merchandise & Gifts

    When you wish upon a star…you get a once-in-a-lifetime kind of Disney Pinocchio collection. Right? Right? OK, fine–that’s now how the song goes. But you get the point. Just like Jiminy Cricket sang in the OG movie when you wish upon a star, you get what you want. And if what you want is a one-stop shop for all the latest and greatest Disney Pinocchio merch, then buddy, you’re in the right place. Looking for some must-have merch before you watch the brand-new 2022 Pinocchio flick? Have you been an OG fan since the very beginning? Whether you’ve been on board forever or just starting your Disney Pinocchio obsession, this is the shop for you. 

    No growing noses here when we say this is the best of the best Pinocchio collection you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Don’t buy it? Don’t sweat it–take a peek for yourself and scroll through the selection. Want an up-close and personal look at the shop? It’s all yours. Peep collection faves like our Loungefly Disney Pinocchio Blue Fairy Magic Mini Backpack, Disney Pinocchio Let Your Conscious Be Your Guide T-Shirt, our Disney Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket Big Fig Figure, or our Disney Pinocchio Storybook Poster Crew Sweatshirt. The best part about this collection? It’s packed with all sorts of must-have Pinocchio merch. That means you’re not just getting Pinocchio tees (although let’s be real, we’ve got some seriously great ones). This shop is stocked with decor, collectibles, accessories, collectibles, home decor, and so much more–all reppin’ Disney’s Pinocchio.  

    No matter whose your fave from Pinocchio–that real boy himself, Gepetto, Jiminy, and beyond–there’s some must-have, fan-fave merch awaiting you! Got other Disney fandoms you wanna feed? You’re in the right spot. Check out our fully stocked Disney section, an online shop filled to the brim with selections for your all-time fave movies, characters, villains, and more.