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Turning Red

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Turning Red Merchandise, Plush, Shirts, Hoodies & More Turning Red Stuff

There's nothing like a big change in your life to make you reflect on who you are and where you came from, right?

Well, if by big change you mean, you know, turning into a Red Panda every time you want to unleash a strong emotion, then you probably relate to Mei Mei.

Red panda transformation or not, we've got a feeling you're just as obsessed with Disney Pixar's Turning Red as we are (because like, who couldn't love that cute red panda, duh).

That's why we're here to introduce you to Hot Topic's Disney Pixar Turning Red Collection ASAP. Because to paraphrase Mei Mei, we know, it's a lot-but we don't got time to mess around.

Mystical connection to red pandas or not (maybe that particular quirk doesn't run in your family), this collection is a must-shop if you're a big fan of all things Disney Pixar Turning Red.

What's next? Well, first, watching Turning Red a few more times. Then, letting loose and scrolling this selection for the ultimate Turning Red shopping spree. Need a little inspo to get going? Peep collection faves like our Disney Pixar Turning Red Backpack Girls T-shirt, our Disney Pixar Turning Red 4-Town Boy Band Girls T-shirt, or even our Disney Pixar Turning Red RPG Boyfriend Fit Girls T-shirt.

In other words, it's time to unleash your inner red panda-and your love for this adorable new Disney Pixar flick- with Hot Topic's Turning Red Collection.