Q: Where can I find the posting instructions for a campaign?

A: Please refer to your personalized live URL to view posting instructions for all of your active campaigns. We recommend bookmarking this link for safe-keeping as it will serve as your personalized dashboard in Grin. You can find this link in our activation invites when applying for a campaign. This link will not change and it's a specialized link that only you have access to. This will be where all the campaigns will be so for whatever reason you're not receiving our invitation emails, you can periodically check your link for new campaigns.

Q: My order has been canceled or I have an issue with it, what should I do?

A: Please reach out to the HT Fanatic customer service line at 1-833-654-1018 (open weekdays) so that they can re-place your order. You can call them for all order-related concerns/questions. Thanks for reaching out!

Q: How can I get my posts to automatically pull into Grin?

A: You would need a Facebook business account to connect your IG. If you would prefer not to be connected, you would have to manually report content every campaign.

Q: Can I model for Hot Topic?

A: Thanks for expressing interest! Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for when these opportunities are made available. We'll share your info with our marketing team and reach out if there are any opportunities! We’re so glad to hear about your excitement for the program and look forward to seeing more content from you!

Q: How do I get the HT Fanatic 40% off online discount and free shipping?

A: You can reach out to our HT Fanatic customer service line (open weekdays) at 1-833-654-1018 to get your 40% off discount + free shipping. Please note this discount works online only and has exclusions. Please make a account if you haven’t already done so. Please use the email that is associated with your GRIN account. This discount will be tied to the account- there is no specific promo code and it will automatically apply when eligible.

Q: My proposal was approved for a campaign, but I have not received a confirmation email yet:

A: Please hang tight- we'll be sending out email confirmations to finalize all campaign details soon. An accepted proposal means you were selected for the campaign, so please be patient for further detail and instruction!

Q: Grin is giving me system errors, how can I troubleshoot?

A: Please send us a screen recording of the error you are getting at That way, we can contact Grin support engineers for assistance.

Q: The campaign due date is coming up, but I have not received my item yet:

A: We have sent over your product requests to our warehouse, so the items should ship out within two weeks. If your item has not arrived by the week of the due date, please let us know and we can double-check your tracking information. We will not penalize for any shipping delays, but please let us know if your package is late.